The Malaysia International Search and Rescue (MISAR) is a registered not-for-profit

and non-governmental organization that serves the nation in search, rescue, relief

and emergency response.

MISAR is operated by experienced search and rescuer who dedicate their time to

train and practice search, rescue and survival skills in order to be ever prepared

to deploy for any search and rescue operation, whether natural or man-made in any

part of the world. We are proud to have served in amongst other, Aceh Earthquake

2016, Nepal Earthquake 2015, Sichuan Earthquake 2008, Aceh Earthquake and Tsunami 2004,

Bam Earthquake 2003.

We have provided humanitarian relief mission in Malaysia East-Coast Flood Operation,

Nepal Earthquake Healing Operation, Thailand Flood Operation, Cyclone Nargis Food Aid

Operation, Peru Earthquake Operation and many more.

In times of peace, the organization focuses on innovating and organizing educational

safety programs with the aim to create awareness and to impart knowledge within the community.

We pioneered and developed the Children Survival Program to focus on nurturing children

on survival safety and to prepare them since young.

The organization support its mission through smart partnership with government agencies,

corporate entity, organization and individuals. We believe that in every mission we

strive, we help create a better future.|